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Making A Mad Bosozoku Exhaust For Project BMW E46 Compact

In Episode 2 of your Compact fan build, we're giving Kenny a brand new bosozoku exhaust and a new set of wheels.
Thanks to:
BDS Motorsport:
DGT Wheels:
Falken Tyres:
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  1. Husam Salhi

    Husam Salhi

    Prieš dieną

    Biggest ricer ever 😂

  2. Unsainted Levi

    Unsainted Levi

    Prieš dieną

    We need a big wing spoiler on the back

  3. Turbo


    Prieš 3 dienas

    5:34 AAaaaahh my eyes

  4. Filipp Fox

    Filipp Fox

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Is it still road legal? :)

  5. Cooldude 360

    Cooldude 360

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Lamborghini engine

  6. Dave Mason

    Dave Mason

    Prieš 5 dienų

    How about a "Whale Tail" style spoiler that the Mk5 and Mk6 Escort Cosworths had?

  7. Meris Kajić

    Meris Kajić

    Prieš 6 dienų


  8. Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson

    Prieš 6 dienų

    BDS? That’s a truck performance and lift company in the USA.

  9. Eleanor Mcfarland

    Eleanor Mcfarland

    Prieš 7 dienų

    welded diff!

  10. Hucking bikes

    Hucking bikes

    Prieš 7 dienų

    I think the bmw needs bright pink interior

  11. Hasse Thorslund

    Hasse Thorslund

    Prieš 7 dienų

    Bright red shag carpet with a shaking bed in the back to complete the americana motel wibe,,, 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Paul Meijer

    Paul Meijer

    Prieš 7 dienų

    328d engine swap

  13. Belgarionsedge96


    Prieš 8 dienų

    You have to put it round the ring with the heart stuff on it to see how fast it goes 🤣

  14. karl kiessling

    karl kiessling

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Some Electro Luminescent graphics would be awesome. Light up hearts down the sides in mixed colours, beat synched to a huge subwoofer.

  15. M Roberts

    M Roberts

    Prieš 9 dienų

    Scrap this

  16. Dark LCFR

    Dark LCFR

    Prieš 9 dienų

    Yeayyyy Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹

  17. martin st george

    martin st george

    Prieš 10 dienų

    Looks good. But You should have cut the Grove in the center of the heart so that when driving the gas would have been heart shape......

  18. Lloyd Saunders

    Lloyd Saunders

    Prieš 10 dienų

    Can the boot be used tho?

  19. El Guapo

    El Guapo

    Prieš 11 dienų

    Lol, do you think they drilled a drain hole?

  20. Trevor Topcik

    Trevor Topcik

    Prieš 12 dienų

    Bruno’s burn on Alex 🤣

  21. Diogo Martins

    Diogo Martins

    Prieš 12 dienų

    Bruno, o Tuga a mostrar quem manda 💪🏻🇵🇹

  22. JoBBuS


    Prieš 13 dienų

    Can you make it more uglier?

  23. Alfred Franssen

    Alfred Franssen

    Prieš 13 dienų

    wow, poor compact .

  24. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    Prieš 13 dienų

    Put coilovers on it

  25. Motoring Helps Mental Health

    Motoring Helps Mental Health

    Prieš 13 dienų

    This really made me laugh thanks lads ! ❤️

  26. Vytas Peckaitis

    Vytas Peckaitis

    Prieš 13 dienų

    BC coilovers

  27. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Prieš 13 dienų

    Bruno is an absolute legend! Absolute wizard with cars especially BMWs...if you wanna see more about him he did a podcast with us!

  28. Keira s

    Keira s

    Prieš 13 dienų

    Put heart rims on it 🥺

    • 1996 Peugeot Tulip

      1996 Peugeot Tulip

      Prieš 7 dienų

      Did you watch the vid?

  29. gearhead1982


    Prieš 13 dienų

    Does the boot still open

  30. James McCulloch

    James McCulloch

    Prieš 14 dienų

    Heart tail lights

  31. Joshua Varghese

    Joshua Varghese

    Prieš 14 dienų

    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.John 3:16-17

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      Prieš 13 dienų

      BDS Motorsport (BDSM) 😳

  32. Joshua Varghese

    Joshua Varghese

    Prieš 14 dienų

    please don't use the name of God in vain

  33. Abdelrahman Ahmed

    Abdelrahman Ahmed

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Music choice in this episode, on point!

  34. DtoTheBizzle


    Prieš 15 dienų

    I thought Bosozoku cars should be LOW?!?



    Prieš 15 dienų

    Should have deleted the muffler as well

  36. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Bruno is an absolute legend! Absolute wizard with cars especially BMWs...if you wanna see more about him he did a podcast with us!

  37. Jake Tebbett

    Jake Tebbett

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Need to dump some fuel in to it for some flames!

    • Jake Tebbett

      Jake Tebbett

      Prieš 15 dienų

      Also wheels look shit, should have left them to the crowd too!

  38. Mr. StealUrGirl

    Mr. StealUrGirl

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Heart shaped chocolate dispenser heart shaped chocolates, or dispenser? yes

  39. Ted Schoenling

    Ted Schoenling

    Prieš 15 dienų

    You've put an inverted gentleman's sausage on your car.......

  40. Mark Spark

    Mark Spark

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Started Watching your channel just before Jack was hit by the Royal Mail Van, absolutely love your channel when ever a new video is uploaded i click as fast as possible. and then watch again later in the week :) thank you so much for all the amazing content Ethan, Jack, Gareth, Alex and Jim

  41. Marts Shed

    Marts Shed

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Rayvern Hydraulics, preferably to bounce...

  42. newtona1


    Prieš 15 dienų

    Air pollution has never looked so pretty.

  43. Nathaniel Oliver

    Nathaniel Oliver

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Put a mini sofa as back seats

  44. Scott Ferguson

    Scott Ferguson

    Prieš 15 dienų

    What I’m about to say is in the best intentions, but you guys are fucking mental. 🤣🤣🤣 Truly love the channel and content. Can’t wait to see what mods you do to the love machine (sorry, Kenny) next. 🤣😉👍

  45. Ayrish Kumar

    Ayrish Kumar

    Prieš 15 dienų

    BDS Motorsport (BDSM) 😳

  46. Nils Christian Halvorsen

    Nils Christian Halvorsen

    Prieš 16 dienų

    nice, now you just need the lip

  47. Bad Boi

    Bad Boi

    Prieš 16 dienų

    4:11 bri ish moment

  48. 1171karl


    Prieš 16 dienų

    This is quite entertaining, unlike that awful micra. I reckon you need some crushed velvet in there... maybe covering the dashboard 😎

  49. Jonathan Taylor

    Jonathan Taylor

    Prieš 16 dienų

    WOAH.... Hold on, just a minute, you guys... Have a guess who I've just seen - all smartly dressed, acting super-slick and professional - 'moonlighting' on the Skoda Enyaq interior & exterior review videos on Underwoods Motoring You Tube channel...??????? It's only our very own flippin' ALEX KERSTEN...!! I nearly fell off my chair... :-0

  50. Warpdog500


    Prieš 16 dienų

    Sleazy night club interior with rotating disco ball

  51. Frank larry

    Frank larry

    Prieš 16 dienų

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      Avva Weatherman

      Prieš 16 dienų

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    • Anthony Pareño

      Anthony Pareño

      Prieš 16 dienų

      I'm from UK I and my colleague gave him a try and it has been a good returns of our investment, thanks Expert David

    • Stewart Nevarda

      Stewart Nevarda

      Prieš 16 dienų

      I meet Mr David for the first time at a conference in manchester I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £143,670

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      A ï

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    • María


      Prieš 16 dienų

      Write him on what'sAp

  52. Alexandur Mateev

    Alexandur Mateev

    Prieš 16 dienų

    Just why??? 😂😂😂

  53. Jamie Healy

    Jamie Healy

    Prieš 16 dienų

    E46 sedan front end

  54. Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio

    Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio

    Prieš 16 dienų

    Switch it back to factory!

  55. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Prieš 16 dienų

    Ganda Bruno, a representar tua no UK

  56. Brian Hancock

    Brian Hancock

    Prieš 17 dienų

    2-step. You're welcome.

  57. GeneralCuster14


    Prieš 17 dienų

    My vote is to start on the interior next, or mount a 2-foot-high wing... on the roof o_O

  58. Harvey


    Prieš 17 dienų

    Wanna make Alex cry...? Just run a rotary engine with no oil!

  59. Toblek !

    Toblek !

    Prieš 17 dienų

    I'd say colored tires.

  60. Guitar3000LP


    Prieš 17 dienų

    Kenny the kompakt

  61. tSp289


    Prieš 17 dienų

    I wanted to see it waggling around and shrieking in the wind whenever they got up past 30.

  62. Overlord Shaggy

    Overlord Shaggy

    Prieš 17 dienų


  63. Overlord Shaggy

    Overlord Shaggy

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Give it a v8

  64. ruben_E36


    Prieš 17 dienų

    Turbo compact, I think so...

  65. Ben Missere

    Ben Missere

    Prieš 17 dienų

    looking good ! put a big shark fin on the roof

  66. 11Anti11


    Prieš 17 dienų

    Full lino interior, dash and all - the kind your grans kitchen had in the 80's. Also net curtains for the windows and tweed seats!

  67. Efficiency Empire

    Efficiency Empire

    Prieš 17 dienų

    as a next mod, do a bonnet spoiler. I dont care how 😂

  68. Vicente Conceição

    Vicente Conceição

    Prieš 17 dienų


  69. Thomas Jørgensen

    Thomas Jørgensen

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Cover the interior with purple and Green Fake Alligator skin.

  70. Peter Gow

    Peter Gow

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Pink love heart steering wheel

  71. Rafael Marco

    Rafael Marco

    Prieš 17 dienų

    I really want CT to collaborate with Donut Media and see how Alex and James would think of each other

  72. NδG 22

    NδG 22

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Pink tinted windows are a must

  73. Malte Spielt

    Malte Spielt

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Thats some great welding!

  74. Richard Hotchkiss

    Richard Hotchkiss

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Awesome guys 👍Gotta go Austin Powers theme on the roof lining maybe a mural with "yeah baby yeah"

  75. fritsbillenklits


    Prieš 17 dienų

    Slamm it

  76. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Ganda Bruno, a representar tua no UK

  77. Kieron M

    Kieron M

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Make it fast

  78. Joey Parker

    Joey Parker

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Welded diff/ LSD and lower it 👌🏻

  79. Wadey JP

    Wadey JP

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Day 1 of asking for a Project 2010 e90 320d 😁

  80. Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford

    Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford

    Prieš 18 dienų

    I’m thinking some colour smoke tyres maybe pink or another ludicrous colour...

  81. santapodracer1980


    Prieš 18 dienų

    3" body lift 😉

  82. David Harward

    David Harward

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Alex and Jack... you okay hun?

  83. Phil Watkins

    Phil Watkins

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Mirror/Silver window tints next fellas.

  84. harry j

    harry j

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Big fattt wing

  85. Andrei Cosmin

    Andrei Cosmin

    Prieš 18 dienų

    yellow windows and aqua neons

  86. Charlie B

    Charlie B

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Cut springs next

  87. Michael Slater

    Michael Slater

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Cut a hole in the roof and make your own sunroof 👌👌

  88. TheFactoryJackson


    Prieš 18 dienų

    Got to have Lambo doors really

  89. Bryn Griffiths

    Bryn Griffiths

    Prieš 18 dienų

    When the car is complete you should definitely get Ed China to roast it 😀

  90. RyanTheGuru YT

    RyanTheGuru YT

    Prieš 18 dienų

    You need to turbo charge the bmw #kennythebmw

  91. Dante Delgrosso

    Dante Delgrosso

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Nrg prisma mexican seats

  92. Rohit K

    Rohit K

    Prieš 18 dienų

    A wing

  93. Taavi Viilup

    Taavi Viilup

    Prieš 18 dienų

    With this much wheelgap, coilovers should be mandatory.

  94. Wout Selleslagh

    Wout Selleslagh

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Lift kit

  95. marc evans

    marc evans

    Prieš 18 dienų

    pop and bang ECU flash

  96. Lionel Perrotti

    Lionel Perrotti

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Needs to be stupid low

  97. Curtis Upward

    Curtis Upward

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Now you’ve gotta get some mad fitment with some crazy camber and a nice coil over kit. Drop it like it’s HOT!!!!! 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  98. Jens Van Winckel

    Jens Van Winckel

    Prieš 18 dienų

    You should put a really oversized wing on the back and colored light strips under the car

  99. Michael Currie

    Michael Currie

    Prieš 18 dienų

    When they made a point of the magnet tray going up I thought how random is that then it got mangled 😂

  100. Miguel Angel Herrera

    Miguel Angel Herrera

    Prieš 18 dienų

    airhorns, musical airhorns.