Popping a 5000A Fuse

Full making of the video popping a 5000A fuse.
Most of the components came from authorized scrap and recycling merchants.
Thank you to my close friends for pointing out the companies that deal with this scrap.
Even dirty old cable from the scrap wire bin can be cleaned and reused.
General public may be prohibited from purchasing such equipment unless they have a business associated and authorized to make purchases of potentially hazardous equipment.
The fuse itself was purchased from eBay from the U.S.
Some consumables are from RS Components, Cable and lugs are often from Cleveland Cables and BICC Cables. eBay is great for many things too.


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    Dam man what can I say other then WOW!! Cool, so very Cool! Loved it man your way out there!! I used to work for Tri-County power systems and got quite worried working around 500 amp switch gear! Kick ass my man you rock!

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    I used to work at a wholesaler who specialised in GEC-English Electric selling switchgear, MiniForm panels and of course, their fuses. The biggest we used to stock was 1250 amps and I used to wonder what the hell it would look like to see one go! Thanks for the education and so glad you're back!

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    Brilliant, I've often wondered what those high amperage fuses looked like inside and what they sound like when they fail. Thanks and keep up the great work. Does your next door neighbour enjoy your exploits? or is he just used to them by now?

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    Congratulations for your experiment it was very interesting. you put a lot of time and money in it. The reason the fuse did not fused in one shot is because you are dissipating a lot of energy in your mechanical contact. Now that you have almost everything to do the experiment correctly, you should try to close the circuit with a Thyratron or a big big SCR or several in parallel and with that you will kill the fuse in one shot. Hope to see it preform. Thank you very much for shearing your experiment with us.



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    I have a lot of respect for electricity, the effect from the steel wool was incredible seeing all the molten particles flying through the air was cool.

  54. M W S

    M W S

    Prieš 5 dienų

    I have a lot of respect for electricity, the effect from the steel wool was incredible seeing all the molten particles flying through the air was cool.

  55. R B

    R B

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    Now that looks like an expensive project! Even with some of it being scrap. I wonder how much one of those fuses costs when new? Just for fun I searched amazon and found a very similar unit rated at 5K Amp for $3,500.00 US. And judging from the images it did not look new although there was no description per se. www.amazon.com/Gould-Shawmut-A4BY5000-5000A-Amptrap/dp/B01GGGKQZA

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    Martin Slattery

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    I assume removing the sand reduces the rating of the fuse, it will certainly reduce the time element of the fuse rating. I would like to see repeat of experiment to see result with fuse unopened Operating as it should with decent copper bus bars which would also remove heat. I think a lot more power needed to blow this properly in one attempt. Nice attempt tho!

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