The TRUTH About Solar! 4 Year Review

I've had my solar panels for 4 years and it's time to look back and see what I would and wouldn't do again. If you're interested in learning more about solar, check out Energy Sage

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  1. Joel Myaer

    Joel Myaer

    Prieš 5 minučių

    Don't forget the cost of moving them & putting them back when it's time to re-roof your house. I hear it's pricey

  2. F_____ Martinez

    F_____ Martinez

    Prieš dieną

    I did diy and it was not too bad. I would of got more quotes for the system and installer. 3 of each

  3. George Vasquez

    George Vasquez

    Prieš dieną

    Anyone have any solar company recommendations here in Cali? So many to choose from. Thanks in advance.

  4. Alex Lindekugel

    Alex Lindekugel

    Prieš 2 dienas

    .16 per kw hear in wi.

  5. KK B

    KK B

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Since you have Tesla power wall and EV, I sure your saving are much more.

  6. simon peter

    simon peter

    Prieš 3 dienas

    One quick question Ben, in case the power needs are bigger than the power generated by panel for example , early in the morning , what should we do , without adding the battery banks ? Thanks

  7. simon peter

    simon peter

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Very good lesson : get as many panel as possible to offset the cost of permit, thanks for the suggestions , lesson learned .

  8. DiscretionaryConstitutionalist


    Prieš 4 dienas

    I've been off grid solar for 5 years now and I'm here to inform you the the resumption on chemtrails are having a measurable impact on yield. 50-70% reduction in generating capacity. It is contradictory to environmental progress to cloud the sky and then claim it's to combat climate change. In Fraud we Trust.

  9. cBarlos


    Prieš 4 dienas

    Texas does have net energy metering btw. Only certain ESP offer it though.

  10. DSC800


    Prieš 4 dienas

    Today is the 6th anniversary of our 4.5kw array here in N. San Diego. It has provided 100% of home usage including ~30 days of AC per year and ~8k miles of Chevy Volt range. Peak San Diego rates just passed 60c/kw recently and so called "super off peak" rates are still ~30c/kw. Combined with the EV, we just achieved break even, covering the $10.5k initial cost but the real savings are accelerating into the future.

  11. Andrew Ludwig

    Andrew Ludwig

    Prieš 6 dienų

    Solar is a no brainer in Cali and Arizona where you get over 300 days a year of sun-- not so much in Seattle though where it's cloudy very often.

  12. yammomatta


    Prieš 6 dienų

    what if you sale the house 5 years , does panels waranty transfer to new owner and will I get recouping my initial cost of install, Im not in California.

  13. Ben Jones

    Ben Jones

    Prieš 7 dienų

    California gets about 284 days of sunshine per year. Here in Indiana we get 182 days, that means you guys get 100 more days per year of sunshine than we do. How often do you clean the dust off of the panels? Surely dirt, dust, bird poop and autumn leaves affects the amount of light striking the panels which affects to amount of electricity it can produce.

    • DSC800


      Prieš 4 dienas

      Here in San Diego cleaning doesn't make a noticeable difference. I've had 16 panels since 2016 and tried cleaning a couple in the first couple years. The individual panel monitoring didn't show even

  14. George Vasquez

    George Vasquez

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Hello Ben, which solar company do you recommend?

    • George Vasquez

      George Vasquez

      Prieš dieną

      Anyone recommend any solar company here in Cali?

  15. Steve l

    Steve l

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Hahaha you Liv in California you already lost 🤣.

  16. Matt Bosley

    Matt Bosley

    Prieš 9 dienų

    Except with powerwalls it's better not to have microinverters because you lose power converting from dc to ac and then back from ac to dc. With the single inverter you can have the line from the solar panels going to the powerwalls before the inverter to avoid the loss from conversion.

  17. Sean Kelly

    Sean Kelly

    Prieš 10 dienų

    The net metering map might be a bit out-of-date. I'm in San Antonio and I have net metering from my local energy company. I agree 100% having the batteries isn't financially correct, but I was certainly glad I had them in Feb 2021 (crazy freeze in Texas that caused 31 hours of grid outage for me, 2 hours of outage to my house).

  18. Sami Hulkko

    Sami Hulkko

    Prieš 10 dienų

    Have anyone ever considered of putting solar panels (2 sided a.k.a two solar panels to opposite directions) on a propel like arrangement on a pole with generator on bottom? Maybe multi-layer like a tower? Due the difference in heat of 4 blades on pole solar heat rotates leafs on axle. Solar panel over heating problem solved with generation of energy from heat by generator at bottom of pole. You can test it out by putting four black leafs on pole and put it on sun light.

  19. Dhaval Mistry

    Dhaval Mistry

    Prieš 11 dienų

    Does really So Cal pay you money if you sell electricity during pick hour? SoCal Edison decline when I check with them. It's better hand bitcoin / stock business. Buy in 0.17 and sell in 0.45. great business opportunities.

  20. Brian Roberts

    Brian Roberts

    Prieš 11 dienų

    It doesn't matter if solar power made electricity 100% free and throw in water. sewer and garbage, and I got free gas for my vehicles i wouldnt live in Commiefornia.

  21. Kevin W

    Kevin W

    Prieš 11 dienų

    Dude you could be saving me $’000s, got a quote from an installer and then went to energy sage based on your advice to get more quotes. Not my original installer is saying they will price match. Also opened up a lot more thought on different equipment. thanks!

  22. Paul Gee

    Paul Gee

    Prieš 12 dienų

    To assist powering 8 million homes ? Or power them independent of power company ?

  23. David B

    David B

    Prieš 12 dienų

    Taxpayers payed to install your panels. Taxpayers are paying you more than the going rate for your excess electricity. Solar does not pay for itself, you are forcing Taxpayers to subsidize everything about your electricity. This is 100% government choosing winners and losers. Losers are always the poor.

  24. Common Sense

    Common Sense

    Prieš 12 dienų

    I am actually looking at installing a 12,000 btu mini split heat pump that would work directly off of solar. It would only run when the sun is out and it would not be connected to any other power source. It should be more than enough to heat and cool my master/office and it may be enough to keep me from having to turn my central heat and air on for the rest of my house. The whole set up should only cost 3k and it should pay for itself in 2 years. Depending on how well it works I may add a 36k minisplit with three registers for the rest of my 2,200 sq foot house. Since the my hvac is near the end of its' life, it seems like this is the most bang for my buck since a new hvac is at least 10k. Once I have my heating and cooling taken care of by the solar minisplits then I will add a small grid tied array using used panels to take care of the rest of my electricity bill. Then I will add an electric car and more panels as needed. In the end I should be able to convert everything over, including a new electric cooktop and electric hot water heater) for around 20k. And the best part is that I would only be spending $3-4 k a year as I slowly transition. And I will be upgrading my heat and air, water heater, and cooktop, which are all near the end of their useful life.

  25. Brandon Ulmer

    Brandon Ulmer

    Prieš 12 dienų

    In Colorado where I'm at we weren't allowed to go above 120% of our annual usage. Which hurt us also because we just bought the house and lived in it for 6 months and didn't have a full data set to evaluate our needs upon. If ones looking into getting solar. Ask the questions of your installers and utility company. Also, no matter what make sure you get a critter guard to protect them installed. We didn't and Tesla never even mentioned it. Then came the pigeons.

  26. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins

    Prieš 13 dienų

    Net Energy Metering is a scam as everything the Krypto-Kommunist touch is some kind of grift. It makes absolutely no economic sense to force the power company to buy Solar Power back from you at 30 cents a kWh when they can generate it at 6 cents a kWh. This is nothing but a scam by a bunch of damn money-grubbing-con-men and fools.

  27. Ryan Gilbert

    Ryan Gilbert

    Prieš 13 dienų

    What happens when you have to change your shingles?

    • Mayro


      Prieš 10 dienų

      The pannels can be removed just as easily as they are placed.

  28. Justin Paynter

    Justin Paynter

    Prieš 13 dienų

    I did exactly that. Our system being installed next month maxes out our space, and offsets 145% of our current usage. But EV’s are coming in soon, as well as a future switch from oil furnace to a heat pump.

  29. mshelley07


    Prieš 13 dienų

    In my opinion I think he went with the right inverter, Micro inverters have a lifespan of only 7 to 10 years which cost a lot over 25 years to take panels off and replace, not to mention not producing power while waiting for parts to come in.

  30. huhhman


    Prieš 14 dienų

    If i did solar again i would have went with cheaper panels. The extra efficiency isn't worth the cost when it's nearly double.

  31. Great Guildersleeve

    Great Guildersleeve

    Prieš 14 dienų

    BEN! Great information! Sorry about your mistakes but we all learned from them! Great point about getting more than you need!

  32. emmgeevideo


    Prieš 14 dienų

    You don’t have to say “again” when you repeat something. It’s obvious that the comment is repeated, you don’t have to tell us.

  33. Bowhunting RadNek

    Bowhunting RadNek

    Prieš 14 dienų

    One thing your cost analysis did not include is life span of your solar panels. On average I believe it is around 20 years so you will be back to recouping costs over time again after 20 years or so when you start replacing solar panels.

  34. Fertile Dirt

    Fertile Dirt

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Buy back your energy? HAHAHAHA nope I'm good sharing extra with neighbors. You can be free from the grid. Boost immune system and be safe.

  35. USSBB62


    Prieš 15 dienų

    Dear Sir; PG&E sells to me at RETAIL ! But, Buys it back from me at WHOLESALE. Sometimes as low as $0.06 cents per KW. If your in California as you said. There are some large discrepancies in your financing and information about long and short term costs. Please explain !

  36. papa t

    papa t

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Looks like eventually you will need some new roofing shingles. Installing a new roof no doubt involves removing all those solar panels and then reinstalling, how much will that cost don't forget to deduct it from your Energy savings

  37. Rob Hunter

    Rob Hunter

    Prieš 16 dienų

    I’m learning about fire code setbacks in Fl. The dumbasses want more green energy but then place so many restrictions on solar it isnt practical. What a fckng joke.

  38. Agramer Old Octane

    Agramer Old Octane

    Prieš 16 dienų

    Or as in Poland, they change the law and than you pay 20% storing fee instead of forecasted 5%, and eventually you are being categorised as "producer" so local utility (all state-owned) have no obligation to purchase your energy and aditionally you have to pay all cost connented with your "product" , VAT, income taxes. Currently investment return is calculated @ 20 years.

  39. Kevin Blake

    Kevin Blake

    Prieš 16 dienų

    SERIOUSLY?! I'll check back in 30 years, the time it takes to actually see if it is still working and how many panels have failed. Reviewing a solar system after 4 years is like reviewing the dependability of a car after starting it in the dealer parking lot and driving it 100 miles. Saying all solar panels are the same is like saying all cars are the same- hey, they all have 4 wheels and run on gas = the same quality!

  40. Lifewaytravel


    Prieš 17 dienų

    2021, with that amount of subs is it possible that you earn more from youtube than from solar? Respect, just curious 😋✌

  41. Sascha Scheer

    Sascha Scheer

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Much appreciated. Thx

  42. Kyle Rodgers

    Kyle Rodgers

    Prieš 17 dienų

    Hey Ben, I’m in the solar industry. Everything you mentioned as a pain point my company does haha - microinverter, triple black panel, etc.

    • WB IsMe

      WB IsMe

      Prieš 14 dienų

      Yes, authority approval and compliance is a pain in the ass so long as your system is connected to the grid. I'm in the solar industry as well.

  43. Jos Waterreus

    Jos Waterreus

    Prieš 17 dienų

    The installer @4:00 seems to just stand on that panel, which seems to be bending under his weight. That can't be good right?

    • 7 Valued

      7 Valued

      Prieš 17 dienų

      they can withstand lots of weight. they’re meant for tough conditions

  44. Moustafa Alkholy

    Moustafa Alkholy

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Thank you, good luck

  45. Joeri Kosters

    Joeri Kosters

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Do you really need so many permits for putting some solar panels on your own (your private bought and owned) roof in The States, the land of the free? Sounds like a lot of government to me, and I live in a liberal socialist country (The Netherlands). Also, your electricity prices are absurd, we have one of the highest energy tax in the region (Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, in almost all EU country's you pay less energy tax and the base-price in the EU is all almost the same as energy is sold over the entire EU, not inside one country) and a KW/h cost an average of 23 cents here... (We also have net energy metering, but not more then you use yourself, you only get a few cents for every KW/h you deliver back if your not using it the same year) Also the installation cost is high to me, I have 13 panels for over 6 years with a installation price around 5000 / 6000 USD without subsidies. Average wage is higher here then in the US before tax (I don't know about California specifically)

    • WB IsMe

      WB IsMe

      Prieš 14 dienų

      So long as you connect anything to the grid. Grid company doesn't want your system to cause distruption to the grid stability. Any outage will cause millions dollar losses to business. Althought the chance is low, the grid company doesn't want to take any chances. Someone's head must be on the chopping board if it really happen.

  46. Colin Stokes

    Colin Stokes

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Don't do it; Northern California PG&E is building their own solar farm. They are going to store all the power with Tesla Battery technology. They will get rid of all solar credit and have all the power. Look at Northern California Moss landing power plant online. GOOD LUCK.

  47. john4kc


    Prieš 19 dienų

    Very well done video.

  48. t michael

    t michael

    Prieš 19 dienų

    i assume getting solar only makes sense if you don't plan on moving for at least the breakeven period.

    • 7 Valued

      7 Valued

      Prieš 17 dienų

      not true at all. with state incentives, it would make a lot of sense to put solar on your home then dip. you get the tax credits and state credit if your state has them, pocket that money and use it as a down payment on a new house. solar also increases the homes equity making it a lot more attractive for someone to think that they don’t have to pay for electricity

  49. KT Sterlin

    KT Sterlin

    Prieš 19 dienų

    Required to have solar? That seems wrong…

  50. Scrom Tinkersnout

    Scrom Tinkersnout

    Prieš 20 dienų

    Appreciate the video. It makes sense in california but it's only 10c kwh here so the payback is longer even doing it myself. I wouldn't be surprised if they start making energy more expensive everywhere on purpose to force people into it.

  51. Colby Strawder

    Colby Strawder

    Prieš 20 dienų

    You you pay for the solar panels, the grid gets excess energy, then you have to pay for the energy you produced when you need it. Hmmmmm it might save money but I think off grid would save even more

    • Shubham Singh

      Shubham Singh

      Prieš 19 dienų

      you don't pay when you produced excessive energy and want it back Suppose in day you produced 40Units of electricity and used only 15 units in day and sent 25 units back to grid and at night you spend around 25 units soo it all balances out

  52. newlookproperty


    Prieš 21 dieną

    If you can recover your investment for solar in 7 years or so, shouldn't you purchase enough solar power for your current or future electric vehicle as well as your home . Taking it further , assuming net metering, does it make sense to buy even more than you can use if you can sell back the excess. For, this example ignore any barrier for initial cost.

  53. H M

    H M

    Prieš 21 dieną

    Beware of Solaredge inverter. I have had two fail since 2019 and have been down for close to two months waiting on Tesla to replace the failed 2nd.

  54. Frank xx

    Frank xx

    Prieš 22 dienas

    Good information. With one note about the system size here in California. The electric utility company ultimately determines the maximum size of a system that you can install based upon your previous usage. They do this to limit your net metering ability. You are only allowed a certain percentage above your average usage, plus some additional capacity if you are planning on getting electric vehicles or a pool pump or something in the recent future. If you wanted to add extra panels in the future, you would need to go through the approval process again. So yes, it is best to put in as large of a system as you are allowed the first time around.

  55. Benny Bob

    Benny Bob

    Prieš 23 dienas

    Wrong. Energy use gos down over many years not up. As new products are almost always more efficient. Thats why by law they dont even sell 12 seer appliances anymore.

  56. Royal Crab

    Royal Crab

    Prieš 23 dienas

    Or u just get a solar roof

  57. Jack Danamaske

    Jack Danamaske

    Prieš 23 dienas

    I made it with Avasva solutions.

  58. John Smith

    John Smith

    Prieš 23 dienas

    Sӧlẚɍ ƌᴦе ᶂὃɍ ᶂάɠs. Diеsӗl is thӗ ὁՌlƴ wԃɏ tὅ ǥο.

  59. Draskang


    Prieš 23 dienas

    next 25 years? your panels ain't lasting that..

  60. Antonio Araiza

    Antonio Araiza

    Prieš 24 dienas

    Thank you very nice, you help me to open my understanding a lot more than what I have learn, once again, THANK YOU!

  61. Gary Adkinson

    Gary Adkinson

    Prieš 24 dienas

    Even if you get Micro-inverters you still have to have the inverter that you have in your garage which happens to be a Solar-Edge.

  62. Michael Batton

    Michael Batton

    Prieš 24 dienas

    not worth it

  63. Cheng Wang

    Cheng Wang

    Prieš 25 dienų

    Did you guys calculate the cost of replacing roof shingle when you have to remove your panels and reinstall them back ? It's big money!

    • Cheng Wang

      Cheng Wang

      Prieš 24 dienas

      @jason mcguire You will find those areas without panels are aging much faster than those under the panel s

    • jason mcguire

      jason mcguire

      Prieš 24 dienas

      Just leave the panels up there lol protects the roof

  64. Randy C

    Randy C

    Prieš 25 dienų

    Do state and local governments still pay part of the cost or have tax rebates?

  65. Ben Jones

    Ben Jones

    Prieš 25 dienų

    Buying a span panel is a waste of money! I can manually turn on and off breakers at the main panel. I use a flip switch (lockout) and can use most of my breakers and at a cost of $50. Also it’s cheaper to go off grid, and not pay all these government fees and regulations. And you don’t have to have the biggest system right away, as you can always add to the system as time goes. But I saved a lot of money doing it all myself! Although I did have to pay for a new updated main panel, as the person who put together my first panel did a horrible job! But your not likely to face that in most houses. But I don’t live in California! 😁

  66. Pedro Montalvo Olivo

    Pedro Montalvo Olivo

    Prieš 25 dienų

    I have been installing solar system for a year now. If you are not using Net metering, then you will end up paying more than just staying with your grid company. Batteries are extremely expensive and last just for about 10 years(lithium) or 5 years(sealed led or gel). If any of you are planning to go off grid, just remember that you will end up paying more. Batteries are only to be used for a backup system so that when the grid goes out, you still have some energy.

  67. Drakesy


    Prieš 25 dienų

    Getting a permit to install solar panels, thats rough, looks like government taxation going to the extreme. In Australia you can install them whenever, wherever you want as long as you're not in a cyclone prone area.

  68. Hi Lot

    Hi Lot

    Prieš 27 dienų

    Been there, done that. Solar panels have become a great field for scammers. Look at the Obama administration fiasco on solar panels. China is now eating our lunch on solar panel production so our cost is going up. Agree you should get all the panels you think you will need..but any of those panels can go out and may not be available when you need to replace a bad you got a mismatch anyway. Solar panels warranty is a joke placed on the consumers. - heck the companies just file bankruptcy and there goes you 30 years warranty. What a scam one finds in solar panels from warranties to corrupt companies. I have a big problem in finding companies that have a long history of outstanding service in the solar industry. And the power companies are trying and doing so - in some states - that makes solar panels installation a money losing investment. Enjoyed the video.

  69. Shadow Banned

    Shadow Banned

    Prieš 27 dienų

    The truth about solar......almost 90% of the worlds solar panels are made using slave labor so thats what you are supporting when you go solar....Also child labor is used in the mining of cobalt used in the batteries associated with solar so you are also supporting that.....So don't come at me with you holier than thou save the planet bullshit flouting the fact you drive an EV and have a solar power house people are dying to give you the privilege to live green.

  70. Lance Millward

    Lance Millward

    Prieš 27 dienų

    You didn't mention anything about the size of your household, the way you use power during the day. A lot of things people need to know to make a decision like this. For our household the costs didn't pan out and with repayments on the system if you make it larger I cant see thinking of your energy needs 25 years from now makes sense.

  71. James Hilton

    James Hilton

    Prieš 28 dienų

    Would it not be smart to change solar panels with Tesla new panels?

  72. Heaven 42#

    Heaven 42#

    Prieš 28 dienų

    All we have to do is make a giant grid , make every house have solar panels then we can sell it back to the electric company

  73. Walt Dean

    Walt Dean

    Prieš 28 dienų

    Have you any idea what a new roof would cost? The asphalt roofing will need to be replaced at some point.

  74. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson

    Prieš 29 dienų

    Looser state

  75. victor gomez

    victor gomez

    Prieš 29 dienų


  76. Ross Malagarie

    Ross Malagarie

    Prieš 29 dienų

    The Tesla solar tiles look just like asphalt shingle roofing and when priced compared to shingle roofing and solar panels they are comparable considering the solar is more expensive but it also saves on electricity bills. Also if damaged they pop out and the new roughly 2'x1' tiles pop in. And the solar tiles are only where and how many you need but they look the same as the non solar tiles. I would assume if you want more solar tiles to the system as energy demand increases it should be very little trouble just to pop a few more solar tiles into the tile system.

  77. Matt Dunlap

    Matt Dunlap

    Prieš 29 dienų

    Holly f electric is expensive in California I was mad my rate just went up to .17 a key.

  78. Cesare Beccaria

    Cesare Beccaria

    Prieš mėn

    I was watching solar panel videos while on the treadmill. When I heard 31 cents a kwh, I almost fell off. Had to stop and back up the video. Holy cow! We're all getting price increases here in Texas on contract renewals. My effective--bottom line after electricity, delivery, taxes and fees--is going to 10-12 cents depending on usage. Wow, I feel for you in CA. No wonder Californians who move here to Texas always look so happy. They sell a house for a million dollars and then buy a bigger one here for half that, and then their electric bill is one third? I've looked at solar four times over as many years, and the numbers haven't worked for me. At 31 cents a kwh for grid power, I'd have solar and wind both up next week...and be selling electricity to my neighbors the week after!

  79. Tony Comer

    Tony Comer

    Prieš mėn

    0.31 cents per kWh? Holy hell. That’s 300% more than what I pay in TX. CA energy plan is a disaster.

  80. Tom Nguyen

    Tom Nguyen

    Prieš mėn

    I'm on all solar with batteries storage. I can tell you he trying to sell something. "Net Metering" for those states than have them.........You are "selling" craps. The excess electricity from your panels goes to the grid and you will receive electricity credits for it. It acted as a electricity bank between what you used and what are "bank". After a period of times what are "bank" is not used are lost {most states). Now some electricity companies want to charges for using their "banks".

  81. Jay Pikachu

    Jay Pikachu

    Prieš mėn

    Please be honest with people, you never mention about the Maintenance cost, you need to wash the panels every 6 months, cost about $20-25 per panels, my house has 52 solar panels, it cost me over $2k a year, the solar panels generate power day time but no one home, the Utility company buy it back from you but pay you the wholesale price only, at night you pay full price to the utility company, how can you ever pay off the panels, it is all about lie and Scam.

  82. Gabrielle Randazzo

    Gabrielle Randazzo

    Prieš mėn

    I have consumed a lot of videos on LTwindow, and this video has offered me a ton of great content. I have new things to consider that I hadn't before. Thanks!

  83. greg mooney

    greg mooney

    Prieš mėn

    solar doesen,t really work to be great benifit for the cost and to think you could use these things for years and not ever have to maintain or service them shingles last about 20 years who remove all your solar for a new roof

  84. Diablo666


    Prieš mėn

    anyone knows how many watts are his panels?

  85. Manuel Pineda

    Manuel Pineda

    Prieš mėn

    Hi I am a solar energy rep and they panels you have are called Q cells, back them about 5 years those were the new things. Now we use different type. I just want to say thank you for making this change. You are a smart guy. There is two things I cannot control when I come to a home. One is credit failed, maybe the clients credit score isn’t at its best now but one day that will change. The other that I cannot control is ignorance. “oh i thought it was free” That kills me because i’m just trying to help.

  86. sari nulek

    sari nulek

    Prieš mėn

    If it was a real viable solution as a replacement and not an auxillary it wouldn't be on the list of solutions...

  87. sam moore

    sam moore

    Prieš mėn

    What are the roi numbers?

  88. 0e32


    Prieš mėn

    Hi! We are installing a 32 panel system here in Sweden right now. The energy prices are raising for every year so I think it is a good investment in the long run. Thanks for your advises. We have in fact already by accident done all your advises right. 1.Bigger system than recomended by the seller for future use. 2. Converters under every panel. 3. 1-2 brand new panels in spare if someone get broken so I easy just can replace and add a new one similar to all the others.

  89. Richard Vail

    Richard Vail

    Prieš mėn

    California ranked as the highest solar power generating state...yet they still have rolling blackouts in winter AND summer. Why is that? 5 kilowatts a day? an hour? what? You make assertions, yet you don't back them up with facts. What facts you do give, are vague.

  90. dvfreelancer


    Prieš mėn

    I'd like to see the costs including the power walls and energy manager.

  91. jeff taylor

    jeff taylor

    Prieš mėn

    Very interesting video. How long do the components last before replacement is needed?

  92. Anthony Itotani

    Anthony Itotani

    Prieš mėn

    Somebody getting some cheese for referring people ahhah

  93. Gman Boobies

    Gman Boobies

    Prieš mėn

    I have 2 questions? 1 When the grid goes down will I still have power (yes battery backup for night). 2 When they throttle down the power under heavy demand will my ac have full power. If any answer is No then solar makes no sense.

  94. Tommy Nguyen

    Tommy Nguyen

    Prieš mėn

    I live in texas and yes we do have net metering unlike what it says on the video but great otherwise very informative

  95. ninline2000


    Prieš mėn

    Thanks for sharing your experience on this. I'm eventually going to install solar. First I'm going to a metal roof though, I don't want to have to redo the shingles with panels up there. I'm looking at everyone on youtube that has stories to share and I'm learning a lot. Thanks again.

  96. nathan anderson

    nathan anderson

    Prieš mėn

    31 cents per kwhr is twice national average and 5% rise in rates per year is also twice the average. Makes breakeven 2 to 3x longer for most people, probably 15 or more years.

  97. David Jannke

    David Jannke

    Prieš mėn

    $0.31 a Kwh? Wow!! Average US is $0.14!! No wonder it makes sense.

  98. Robert Lemmon

    Robert Lemmon

    Prieš mėn

    This video is more of a commercial than just a typical customer's 4-year update. I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing, but I heard nothing about a life-expectancy for all of the hardware. I also didn't hear anything about incentives which usually come in 2 flavors - taking money out of one pocket and putting it in the other, or stealing from your neighbor. The rule-of-thumb is a mature technology doesn't require tax incentives or government mandates. If either is involved - it's a scam. The same goes for rebates.

  99. My Tesla Weekend

    My Tesla Weekend

    Prieš mėn

    This was fantastically informative. Great stuff. My rates are ridiculously low (under 10-cents) and I live next to massive trees protected by the city's historic district, so it's not yet right for me, but this is clearly a no-brainer for an awful lot of customers.

  100. Le Tran

    Le Tran

    Prieš mėn

    How long those batteries last and break down .. how about replaced them after a certain periods of time. I’m very sure they are not going to last forever.