Apex Legends - Legacy Launch Trailer

There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!
Valkyrie, daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper joins the Games. Take advantage of her jetpack to own the sky and rain missiles down on your foes. Master the new high-precision Bocek Bow to skewer your opponents and drop into an Olympus mysteriously transformed. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and prove yourself in Ranked.
And get ready to go beyond battle royale.
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin and Steam for PC.
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“Watch Me Now”
Performed by Tommee Profitt (feat. Beacon Light)


  1. ᗯṒⱢƑ 905

    ᗯṒⱢƑ 905

    Prieš 19 minučių


  2. SAMEH


    Prieš 19 minučių

    How many times u hit that replay button me : YES

  3. Daylon West

    Daylon West

    Prieš 23 minutes


  4. HaplessGoblin01


    Prieš 23 minutes

    Nice to see Ash make a return

  5. Section Craft

    Section Craft

    Prieš 23 minutes

    I am so excited for worlds edge returning

  6. Ivo Dabo

    Ivo Dabo

    Prieš 24 minutes

    Holy s*** This is awesome

  7. Oussama0.b


    Prieš 24 minutes

    This is awesome 👏

  8. MR ssd

    MR ssd

    Prieš 25 minučių

    Right, im betting that apex is just a game to set up plot for titanfall 3 so when it comes out it will be a tie in

  9. LoomXZ


    Prieš 27 minučių

    People that know how to aim: *you fool*

  10. Greg Pim

    Greg Pim

    Prieš 27 minučių

    Finally we have a permanent different game mode

  11. yester day

    yester day

    Prieš 31 minutę


  12. El Ojo

    El Ojo

    Prieš 32 minutes

    Por que octane tiene que sufrir. ☹️😔😞☹️

  13. Octane Main

    Octane Main

    Prieš 36 minučių

    Respawn could you give me some lock and maybe let me get my butterfly knife in my next pack I promise I'll play more Apex than Call of Duty

  14. KynG BoSsGoD

    KynG BoSsGoD

    Prieš 37 minučių

    It's going to be wild! Almost as wild as seeing all these positive comments! 😱

  15. Sergio Melendez

    Sergio Melendez

    Prieš 37 minučių

    Heyy every legend got their moment in this one! Even Loba got to do something cool before being punted into a screen

  16. Kai Garza

    Kai Garza

    Prieš 39 minučių

    hey yo that one robo chick from titan fall

  17. Kai Garza

    Kai Garza

    Prieš 41 minutę


  18. Ryan Dussourt

    Ryan Dussourt

    Prieš 42 minutes

    Chuisss trop exister pour la nouvelle saison

  19. Paul Whittenbury

    Paul Whittenbury

    Prieš 43 minutes

    Looks mad decent 👍

  20. Jayden De graaf

    Jayden De graaf

    Prieš 44 minutes


  21. Kentai24


    Prieš 45 minučių

    ❤️Man Her Intro Was Like Anime Mecha Op

  22. andrei ans

    andrei ans

    Prieš 48 minučių

    Apex trailers are like netflix series

  23. axil herman

    axil herman

    Prieš 51 minutę

    is fuse dead because he is my fav skin and i have lot of respect for him

  24. Logan Walker

    Logan Walker

    Prieš 51 minutę

    ASH i remember crushing her in my titans fist

  25. Motivational Quotes

    Motivational Quotes

    Prieš 51 minutę

    “Some people want to see you fail. Disappoint them.” - The Joker

  26. George Chiao

    George Chiao

    Prieš 53 minutes

    WE NEED TITANFALL3!!! I can't wait anymore!!!!!

  27. da hamahama

    da hamahama

    Prieš 54 minutes

    The VR simulator evidence on 1:35 like mirage makes the P2020 ?

  28. No Life

    No Life

    Prieš 54 minutes

    Ok Northstar

  29. Shercosta Content

    Shercosta Content

    Prieš 55 minučių

    I always thought those dislikes are from Fortnite kid or something No, those are Titanfall players that hates apex

  30. Leo Asong

    Leo Asong

    Prieš 57 minučių

    At this point my wallet rents a room at apex headquarters

  31. supaipai


    Prieš 59 minučių

    d000d I can't believe Ash is back man d00000d!!!! This trailer is so hype!!! I can't wait for the Arena gameplay on the 26th and season 9 on May 4. Valkyrie is going to be freaking amazing!!!! LET'S GO y0!!!

  32. SportsPlays


    Prieš 59 minučių

    Get to #2 on Trending

  33. Motivational Quotes

    Motivational Quotes

    Prieš 59 minučių

    My ex texted me,"delete my number"..I replied,"who is this😂😂😂"

  34. soto robo

    soto robo

    Prieš 59 minučių

    Octane got zapped like a bug

  35. Asap_ Comal

    Asap_ Comal

    Prieš 59 minučių

    Why they do my mans caustic like that

  36. Vdeo crop channel Apex

    Vdeo crop channel Apex

    Prieš val


  37. AlikeSlasher


    Prieš val

    This felt way longer than 3 minutes

  38. Josh The Creative

    Josh The Creative

    Prieš val

    0:33 new skin for Pharah???

  39. Munda Amara

    Munda Amara

    Prieš val

    That’s tuff



    Prieš val


  41. Your Biggest fan

    Your Biggest fan

    Prieš val

    Lol im waiting for a octane buff wallrunninggg

  42. Your Biggest fan

    Your Biggest fan

    Prieš val

    How we could make apex fairer “yes we ate going to add a new character with pharah missiles who can also fly and has a bow and arrow, who should we buff then,hmmmm maybe gibby that would make the game fairer”

  43. Pathfinder_skills1


    Prieš val

    Please let her wear the viper helmet please she loooks super cool with the viper helmet

  44. Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl

    Prieš val

    I'm pretty sure the locations used in this trailer will all be the arena exclusive maps, the olympus like city one at first glance looks like the mountain area but if you look the mountain is actually a mountain and theres skyscrapers giving a natural wall. The kings canyon one is also an arena too I think but it does look similar to artillery

  45. Poseidon 2029

    Poseidon 2029

    Prieš val

    So.... i get to end viper's bloodline?

  46. Wilderness 90

    Wilderness 90

    Prieš val

    Caustic just dies

  47. Hank Baxter

    Hank Baxter

    Prieš val

    Loving Mirage here, and Miwraith ;-)

  48. Zion Dobson

    Zion Dobson

    Prieš val

    Are we not gonna talk about how Bangalore used the G7 scout like a fully automatic at 0:21

  49. Aakash Vats

    Aakash Vats

    Prieš val

    I LOVE APEX !!

  50. pettyofficer11


    Prieš val

    5-5, good tone.

  51. AstroCoffee


    Prieš val

    Not as good as fortnite

  52. Enrique Sandoval

    Enrique Sandoval

    Prieš val

    I love how wraith has a wingman and r-99, a true ttv

  53. Foxxxy


    Prieš val

    Is there a story to Apex? I feel like I'm late to that party

  54. Powlicous


    Prieš val

    Phara is that u?

  55. Jaylan Sam

    Jaylan Sam

    Prieš val

    They needa really turn this to a lil apex cartoon or like animation tv show

  56. Vincent Yang

    Vincent Yang

    Prieš val

    Holy?!?! Is that vipers helmet!!!!

  57. Aliace Mat

    Aliace Mat

    Prieš val

    Je cherche plan Q/ sexto.Appelez moi au 0630144383

  58. Noah


    Prieš val

    How many tries did it take to get there for loba😭

  59. ‡ちぐ。‡


    Prieš val

    俺の推しの事故画にめちゃくちゃ似てる 推し本人が言ってた

  60. 蒼天


    Prieš val

    真的很帥 但拜託不要不平衡

  61. It’s Rowan

    It’s Rowan

    Prieš val

    Titanfall players: Hey! I thought I Killed ash

  62. おれおれ


    Prieš val

    Pura to hang but Jack's Leica

  63. yaboy anonymous TTV

    yaboy anonymous TTV

    Prieš val

    Robot dreadlocks like bru

  64. Mohamed Fouad

    Mohamed Fouad

    Prieš val

    I'm confused is that the mobile version or another PC version and if so why are they releasing two games in the same year

  65. Replayzz88


    Prieš val

    Man this looks insane the last time I played was season 1-2 can’t wait To check it out

  66. It’s Rowan

    It’s Rowan

    Prieš val

    Don’t lie, I know your not here for the first Time

  67. Martin Bihandono

    Martin Bihandono

    Prieš val

    your trailer so cool but, your game kinda shi#

  68. Echo WhiteG

    Echo WhiteG

    Prieš val

    Me watching this for the tenth time noticing the amount of times Bloodhound was mErKed is kinda funny

  69. ShadowX360


    Prieš val

    I saw this in the utube trending category

  70. The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    Prieš val

    0:20 wait, full-auto G7 scout ? Are they gonna put the Selectfire Receiver on it ?

    • discount.elonmusk


      Prieš val

      Its only 2 shots, she's using A double tap

  71. Wade Fredericks

    Wade Fredericks

    Prieš val

    This is a killer trailer 🔥

  72. Space Age Shakespeare

    Space Age Shakespeare

    Prieš val

    Looks like it's gonna be 3v3 Arenas.

  73. jeiyuuu


    Prieš val

    0:33 I looked up what Fox 3 means. Here's what google said. "Fox three. Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile" I hope that they had Valk say this just for fun.

  74. FuZz PugRoll

    FuZz PugRoll

    Prieš val


    • El Dude

      El Dude

      Prieš val

      Viper is her father no?

  75. Louis Bishop

    Louis Bishop

    Prieš val

    One day we'll get a new Titanfall

  76. cyber Assassin

    cyber Assassin

    Prieš val


  77. Leonel Madrid

    Leonel Madrid

    Prieš val

    Lets goo its coming out in my birthday

  78. Dracs


    Prieš val

    arenas 5v5 NOICE!!!!

  79. Dream Elysium Entertainment

    Dream Elysium Entertainment

    Prieš val

    0:20 Three round burst G7???

  80. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate

    Prieš val

    Also 3v3 is like the worst option for a team deathmatch game. Should be 4v4 5v5 or 6v6.

  81. The 3rd King

    The 3rd King

    Prieš val


  82. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate

    Prieš val

    Wow. Respawn just doesn't pay attention... Another Flying character?? Another freaking horizon! The worst part is how they nerfed other Legends into the ground to FORCE us to play the new legends that we just don't all want to play!!! I'm so fu*****g sick of everything getting good and it gets NERFED. I'm sick of the whole idea of Nerfs and buffs. Only reason some weapons get abused is because these days more people have access to internet and the streamers who constantly talk about good weapons which in turn gets more and more common players using those weapons and trying to emulate pros! That's why this game is so sweaty and hard to enjoy if you're not trying 1000% harder than anything.

  83. Raef Owen

    Raef Owen

    Prieš val

    I love the fact EA is taking in the fact that there's some apex preds chasing down a level 20 or something with the poor octane

  84. Zeroplay


    Prieš val


  85. waterboy601


    Prieš val

    did anyone notice the full auto G7 that Bangalore is shooting in the beginning

  86. Marcos Gomez

    Marcos Gomez

    Prieš val

    ay double tap coming

  87. 愚地独歩


    Prieš val

    not cute😢

  88. KinaStar


    Prieš val

    looks waaaaaaaaaaaay too amazing

  89. Tom Smurf

    Tom Smurf

    Prieš val

    Can we appreciate Mirages goofy run at 1:39

  90. YutoTheSaiyan


    Prieš val

    I am so happy you found a way to bring viper back. And trust me, I am going to be a sell out and buy valk and buy a bunch of apex crates so I can get that viper costume.

  91. 24-7DeadShot /FN

    24-7DeadShot /FN

    Prieš val

    I don’t play Apex but this trailer looks cool.

  92. Scott Bensen

    Scott Bensen

    Prieš val

    Farah joined Apex!

  93. Lagranarob -

    Lagranarob -

    Prieš val

    So a bow, wall run/jump, Watson fence stops players, new character that flies, Australian guy fire circle is stronger, all that for the new season? I'm in, he'll yeah.

    • Szillar


      Prieš val

      @Lagranarob - they literally say it’s not a actual representation because ya know it’s art and not on the game....

    • Lagranarob -

      Lagranarob -

      Prieš val

      @Szillar then they should not do that

    • Szillar


      Prieš val

      @Lagranarob - for dramatic effect,

    • Lagranarob -

      Lagranarob -

      Prieš val

      @Szillar well hopefully what they show is part of the game play, why would they show it then?

    • Szillar


      Prieš val

      it’s a cinematic trailer.....

  94. Mr PieGuy

    Mr PieGuy

    Prieš val

    Anyone else notice when doc was reviving bloodhound, he had his knockdown shield active???? Did respawn listen to the suggestions?

  95. Rudy, s Katzen Kralle

    Rudy, s Katzen Kralle

    Prieš val

    Im excited

  96. Fizzy FamBam

    Fizzy FamBam

    Prieš 2 val

    the trailer is so amazing .. waiting for the Whole Entertainment ...Who is liking the video click 👍

  97. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    Prieš 2 val

    Aim botters are going to enjoy abusing this

  98. Chambliss Family

    Chambliss Family

    Prieš 2 val

    everyone: I own the skies-viper me: SHE USED A F****ING BOW, DOES THIS NOT MEAN ANYTHING!?

  99. kolbaska5640


    Prieš 2 val

    0:18 fuse buff?

  100. Sum guy Wit a doge

    Sum guy Wit a doge

    Prieš 2 val

    I love how valkarie has a titanfall helmet on. So much nostalgia