bad customers

Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account: hi_blnd

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    no one: ice cream sandwich: I AM CRAZY DJJGJFJJFNTJCJBDHAHJDJ

  2. tomikun


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    6:20 Pretty sure that was a scammer telling him to send money cause of some scam thing. Pretty sad :(

  3. cough cough cough

    cough cough cough

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    i want boxy go burn so i subscrubed

  4. Kohdok


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    The magazine person was the victim of a phone scam.

  5. ً


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    When you feel worthless, remember that there are people who say "GG EZ" even when they lose a match.

  6. Cheese


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    There's a customer who comes into my store every single week to check if a particular 1.75 bottle of vodka is on sale. It never is, because it's expensive vodka and it's 1.75 liters of it. There would be a tag underneath that says "sale" if it was on sale. But he makes one of us walk over to the shelf with him every week and points it out and asks if it's on sale. More sad than annoying honestly, especially considering it's been like a year at this point.

  7. Skeletor


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    8:15 so you... got visited by Haruhi...?

  8. wonnernaus


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    Usually you buy cannabis seeds by shipping a magazine through the mail with money stuffed inside. So probably for that, lol.

  9. SimpNShip Co

    SimpNShip Co

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    "Isn't that crazy? I'm crazy. BGUVBGUSUBUBY"

  10. Shit Dang

    Shit Dang

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    ive eaten pizza like a cookie

  11. Dude Mann

    Dude Mann

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    0:19 I am crazy! Abrlabahhhahhah!!!!!!!!!!!😂

  12. gamergod8778


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    That dude who shipped money with magazine probably was getting scammed

  13. Graveheartart -Anna

    Graveheartart -Anna

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    Finally being on the customer side and telling a Karen to leave an employee alone was the most cathartic moment of my whole life

  14. Fifth Montana

    Fifth Montana

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    I love onions

  15. dotty7789


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    I worked in a call center for a credit union. Every shift I got at least 4 calls an hour to reset online banking passwords... it got very repetitive to say the least.

  16. Zoelle Gordon

    Zoelle Gordon

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    Fast food is stressful and also provides many stories

  17. Hexorcist


    Prieš 14 val

    I worked at Gamestop, and had a customer threaten me over a Madden game. The worst customer was the one that came in 5 minutes before closing to "look around".

  18. TheTrainGamer


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    hi i scream samich

  19. Dylan Mcyeetus

    Dylan Mcyeetus

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    “I am crazy *demonic noises* “



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    Yes five guys is gud 🍔🥤🍟

  21. southern making

    southern making

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    At first I thought that his first job was human trafficking

  22. daviecar777


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    4:47 Ice Cream Sandwich, you cant stop me from dying from a heroin overdose on April 26th 2021 at approximately 7:52 PM EST

  23. PraiseMagikarps


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    "if u want to ship drugs... doont"

  24. Jake Houseknecht

    Jake Houseknecht

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    Imo parents shouldn’t let their kids have jobs during high school unless they absolutely need to. It’s unfair to overload a kid with school work on top of a job

  25. Danny Devito

    Danny Devito

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    She said no pickles

  26. Hudson Heaton

    Hudson Heaton

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    funny vid subbed jus now!

  27. Bella Larry

    Bella Larry

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  28. Crobichaud317


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    How have I not found your channel yet, it's like 100 times better than going to a therapist, and it's 100 times funnier

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    I accidentally unsubscribed right before 0:54 COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

  30. Iwo Łysiak

    Iwo Łysiak

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    I thought that UPS is making cofè

  31. Flashera


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    "The customer is always right" was actually coined to refer to marketting, not customer service. If someone doesn't buy it, it's because they don't want it.

  32. DragClickTurtle


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    that was prob counterfeit money

  33. Ceili Tennenhouse

    Ceili Tennenhouse

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    ur mean *yeet*

  34. Mikhail Ivanov

    Mikhail Ivanov

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    Your eyes look beautiful today Andy

  35. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green

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    its not good

  36. mex55


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    the guy with cash in a magazin possibly was getting scammed by indian telemarketers

  37. Seth Werner

    Seth Werner

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    Holy fuck dude as someone who works for FedEx office during school this is fucking HILARIOUS HAHAHA

  38. Cyberwar101


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    This has given me flashbacks so hard from my own job

  39. Claireadendrum VODS

    Claireadendrum VODS

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    Dude i used to work for the FedEx office where old people would come in all the time and be the sweetest people, but the younger people....o my goodness, they would get huffy and totally defensive about letting us see an id (company policy) and dude this whole vid I'm like WE DO THAT STUFF TOOOOOOOOOO OH MY GOSH FLASHBACKKKKKKKS i have so many shipping stories!!! -first day on the job, had to ship the upper half of a human torso that was a defective surgical dummy, and we had to shove it in the box and it looked like we were cramming a dead body in a box. -we had guys come in and ship computer parts in boxes, paid in cash, and it was always like 14-1500 worth in shipping alone. -some dude smoked weed in his truck on the regular and his boxes reeeeeeked so badly cause they would be in his van just sitting in smoke. -had people come in and not know they needed a ID or some form of Gov. Identification to ship and get mad and be like BuT WhY. dunno Karen maybe cause in Texas some ass-wipe shipped a bomb and they only caught him cause the license was checked so now we all gotta do that nonsense and we can use it to spell your name easier along with your address?!?!?!? -Also fedex office has a goal of a ten percent turnover rate for our area, and we never hit it, we get like 8% maybe its dreadful....

  40. aSliceOfChoccyMilk


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    I work at a place where the management essentially lets us tell the customers whatever we want IF we're right about it and aren't just being rude ourselves

  41. magicalgamingfruitloop 52

    magicalgamingfruitloop 52

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  42. Terabyte


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    I like to listen to the videos at .25 cause it sounds like a funny

  43. Hexagon


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    0:19 amazing

  44. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse Garcia

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    He might have been scammed or owed money typically if your sending money in a book like that its so they cant detect it because it makes it blend in with the paper in the book/magazine so x-rays wont pick it up.

  45. Carson Neeley

    Carson Neeley

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    From 0:57 to 0:58, when put on 0.25X speed, They look like they are dancing

  46. RealQmoney Studios

    RealQmoney Studios

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    Subbed now YEET THAT BOXXXXXXXxxxxxxxsssssss

  47. Grayson The gamer

    Grayson The gamer

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    “Do I look like a guy who like to work Or do I look like a guy who eats pizza like a cookie” Me:looks at his pfp Also me:a guy who eats pizza like a cookie

  48. JTHMShmee


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    I think it’s ridiculous how much we have to work as an adult tbh

  49. RJ MCCUE FARTS Berry


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    My mom worked at ups for 25 years.

  50. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol

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    Im 15... My future is close

  51. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol

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    0:18 youre not alone bud

  52. Tenacious Tornado

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    Hey my names Tony!

  53. - L E M O N G I N G E R -

    - L E M O N G I N G E R -

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    it’s not u.p.s it’s ups

  54. The Jho

    The Jho

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    This is definitely better than most other jobs you could’ve gotten

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    just subscribed out of fear of being shipped my an iice cream sanwich

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    0:55 this is WHY i suscribeb

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    Did you watch this video? GASP Me too!

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    don't you dare pin me

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  60. Joseph Field

    Joseph Field

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    6:06 that’s probably money of a guy who got scammed online because “his computer had a virus”

  61. Ashleg 83

    Ashleg 83

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    Having worked in the Foodservice industry, I can attest to the fact that holding a Crucifix up while chanting in Latin in order to drive it away is EXACTLY the right response.

  62. Onyx2


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    My the way the guy shipping money was scammed



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    (im not sub) Me: *watching that packing sense* Me: OH NO

  64. El Gringo Feo

    El Gringo Feo

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    This is why I work as a dish washer, sure its wet and dirty but I dont need to talk to any customers and o can here my music while I work, it's pretty nice

  65. McKenna's Journal

    McKenna's Journal

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    I related too much to this video

  66. Call me Anxiety

    Call me Anxiety

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    Dude I just got back from work. I work at a restaurant.... we just had a table of 12......

  67. VersilZX


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    Just a fun incident that I am sharing from retail work lol Someone once threatened me and told me that they would "beat the shit out of me" because I was trying to talk to them and explain that they didn't scan an item. There were two adults and a kid. The kid was literally using her body to cover the item. It was a shirt that she had two of. She scanned one then threw the other back in the cart. I didn't think too much of it until I noticed them begin to leave without ever scanning that item. They shoved the receipt in my face saying they scanned everything after I stopped them. One of my supervisor walks by and they shoved the receipt in her face and says that I always stop them. I don't remember faces that well but I do get a sense of suspicion of people if I dealt with them before. I tried to explain what was going on but they didn't give me a chance. My foot was stopping the cart from moving forward and then the lady just rolled over my foot. Ouch. I tried calling out since I knew what I saw, but a asset protection member stopped me for my own safety. I began talking with a few guests to let off a little steam by sharing my story. Then one of the regular ship shopper actually told me that she overheard the lady talking over the phone about what she was about to do, literally planning to steal so it was on purpose. But this isn't the first time she was in this store so with a little investigating, we got her information. Her name and everything. She is totally on our list of people who gets watched next time they come in.

  68. Israel Rivas-Mejia

    Israel Rivas-Mejia

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    f'n karens amirite

  69. Abigail_Novy


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    i think he might be playing too much minecraft... eh who am i kidding there can never be too much minecraft

  70. Max Paris

    Max Paris

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    I like andy's eyes

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    OML I also eat pizza like a cookie 🍪 🤣

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  73. A Kitsune That Draws

    A Kitsune That Draws

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    Retail is an interesting job

  74. Bagz


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    I too like to eat pizza like a cookie

    • OldBud03


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    Williamtastic Gaming

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    2:46 2:56

  76. misty blubaugh

    misty blubaugh

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    My mom worked at a circle k so one witch was the manager "said she stole from the company" he got fired

  77. Kraken


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    No one: The dude making the spongebob skin theory: 0:16

  78. Eva Yoon

    Eva Yoon

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    1:57 mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like my dad.

  79. Daisies for Ghosts

    Daisies for Ghosts

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    Finally. Relatable social commentary about working in logistics

  80. nothing to see here

    nothing to see here

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    I thought your job was human trafficking at first.

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    0:57 after that moment I knew that I had to do something SUBSCRIBE

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    i just want the *money*

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    ....I’m 13 and have 2 part-time jobs I’m a babysitter (for two boys) and a referee (for my schools k-1 soccer team)

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    Ice cream sandwich: am I crazy? I am crazy!! Me: me too

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    Nobody: Ice Cream Sandwich: ABALABLA

  87. I’m a potato

    I’m a potato

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    -8:28 ITS WRONG

    • I’m a potato

      I’m a potato

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    • I’m a potato

      I’m a potato

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  89. diego buscaglia

    diego buscaglia

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    i said no pickles, peasant

  90. Vekten


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    6:30 I can't believe you helped launder money... oh well.

  91. Parker Kranz

    Parker Kranz

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    I also have a retail job at a grocery store so I feel you My coworker said the saying should be "The costumer BACE is always right"

  92. Eccomi


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    That's why I chose a job that involves 0 random humans. Welcome to the Automotive industries maintenance sector.

  93. Diamond Animates

    Diamond Animates

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    i am crazy BULAHLFCHUWHULA

  94. Accurate Man

    Accurate Man

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    That money in the magazine thing is something scammers will have their victims send their money in because it's harder for people to question

  95. Daniel Avila

    Daniel Avila

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    ICSC: Tells us not to ship drugs Also ICSC: Tells us EXACTLY how to ship drugs

  96. Tbnrgaming


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    You has not watched thins guy a few years ago then came back I questioned why you left cuz it’s funny

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    kalium :3

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    I been eating pizza wrong my whole life

  98. -Burak.k -

    -Burak.k -

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    I work at a community clubhouse and im just glad that our manager lets us argue with the residents and point out their stupidity for causing issues on basic requests that we have like show us ID, or plz sign that paper for entry.

  99. Hydra 229

    Hydra 229

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    I’m so happy it isn’t common for teenagers to have jobs in Brazil lol

  100. JackGaming TV

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    0:19 lol