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Making liquid air

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Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
Nile talks about lab safety:​


  1. Layne Bent

    Layne Bent

    Prieš 26 minučių

    Yo would it freeze my mouth if I drank ot

  2. Lil Squeak

    Lil Squeak

    Prieš 34 minutes

    Can you drink it

  3. Tundraman sfs

    Tundraman sfs

    Prieš 47 minučių

    I never knew that air can be liquid. Nice, I learned something new today

  4. Rodan3232


    Prieš 52 minutes

    What's it taste like

  5. Robert Murray.

    Robert Murray.

    Prieš val

    The forbidden soda

  6. George Fails

    George Fails

    Prieš val

    What happens if you drink jt

  7. [Joons Nipps]

    [Joons Nipps]

    Prieš val


  8. Felix Rose

    Felix Rose

    Prieš val

    *me in the background confused* SIR THAT IS ILLEGAL

  9. Dipo Lambo

    Dipo Lambo

    Prieš val

    Incase you didn't know. You're an alchemist

  10. Henry Divano Gaming

    Henry Divano Gaming

    Prieš val

    Indonesia : "Udara", English : " Air" Indonesia: "Air", English : "Water" 😋 Sorry if misunderstanding

  11. MOLINAツ


    Prieš val

    That’s McDonald’s sprite

  12. Uvoxyuwin


    Prieš val

    Yeah but what does it taste like

  13. cute love

    cute love

    Prieš val

    Okay so if you put the liquid are in your mouth so we'll be able to breathe do you swallow it

  14. Marc Vr

    Marc Vr

    Prieš val

    sooo basically this is a really obnoxiously fancy way of saying air conditioner

  15. JoeyKnowsNoBounds


    Prieš val

    Wonder what it would be like to drown in liquid air

  16. StoneQuinces123


    Prieš val

    drink it!

  17. Nerms02


    Prieš 2 val

    When you poured it into the glass that was the air boiling right?

  18. BaconNation88


    Prieš 2 val

    But can you drink it

  19. Yumiko


    Prieš 2 val

    -What are you drinking ? - ᴬᴵᴿ.

  20. Ethan Trombley

    Ethan Trombley

    Prieš 2 val

    Where can I get one of those

  21. Feynman&Jayden Lu

    Feynman&Jayden Lu

    Prieš 2 val

    another name for it: melted dry ice

  22. Minister


    Prieš 2 val

    I know this is a stupid question but is that safe to drink?

  23. Missing Link

    Missing Link

    Prieš 2 val

    I wonder what would happen if you drank that?

  24. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Prieš 2 val

    This is the type of experiments i want to do in chemistry class

  25. will m

    will m

    Prieš 2 val

    Liquid oxygen is insanely dangerous. Be careful with that.. Drop a hammer on just a small drop of it and see what happens.

  26. benitomachado61


    Prieš 2 val

    Tim Taylor job well done

  27. abcmouseari UvU

    abcmouseari UvU

    Prieš 2 val

    Me seeing ad for Disneyland before watching this video: I wish I never saw that ad

  28. lil nef

    lil nef

    Prieš 2 val

    Tried it and I’m making it my primary way of drinking water

    • bofooit gojo

      bofooit gojo

      Prieš 2 val

      This just made me thirsty...

  29. Gravity 616

    Gravity 616

    Prieš 3 val

    So that’s what McDonald’s Sprite is

  30. A n g e l ツ

    A n g e l ツ

    Prieš 3 val

    New water resource

  31. Snake ofMintHumbugs

    Snake ofMintHumbugs

    Prieš 3 val

    The drink that tastes like a cold winter morning



    Prieš 3 val

    Wha if you put it to the max?

  33. James Cn

    James Cn

    Prieš 3 val

    Where can you get this cryo cooler ?

  34. Freethemonkey


    Prieš 3 val

    If it is air, then nothing would happen if you spill it on electronics, right?

  35. Ertuğrul Ghazi

    Ertuğrul Ghazi

    Prieš 3 val

    So is the liquid so cold that it burns 😂

  36. Vishal Chaudhary

    Vishal Chaudhary

    Prieš 3 val

    Can you drink it? 🤔🤔



    Prieš 3 val

    Wow. Nice...

  38. Snejk_


    Prieš 4 val


  39. king of the not

    king of the not

    Prieš 4 val

    The forbidden water

  40. HE HE

    HE HE

    Prieš 4 val

    it looks very hot L o l

  41. Ivan Luciano

    Ivan Luciano

    Prieš 4 val

    what happens when you touch it?

  42. Jeremie Pahl

    Jeremie Pahl

    Prieš 4 val

    This just made me thirsty...

  43. Chris Key

    Chris Key

    Prieš 4 val

    Could you drink it cause i really wanna drink it

  44. The Glowing One

    The Glowing One

    Prieš 4 val

    Drink it😐 Now

  45. 山АТЭГ


    Prieš 5 val

    I need this poured on my pillows 1 hour before I sleep

  46. Ad Revenue

    Ad Revenue

    Prieš 5 val

    Cool, now breath it

  47. Narizones503


    Prieš 5 val

    Is it save to drink tho?

  48. Randomname460


    Prieš 5 val

    Imagine if it was turned to full

  49. Alexis Badina

    Alexis Badina

    Prieš 5 val

    Can you drink it ?

  50. Slavic OwO

    Slavic OwO

    Prieš 5 val

    Drink it

  51. Johnny Mendoza

    Johnny Mendoza

    Prieš 5 val

    LTwindow shorts is 10x better than tiktok

  52. MrFrost


    Prieš 5 val

    Wait if the dials at 100 does it become a freeze ray

  53. MrFrost


    Prieš 5 val

    I’d drink it

  54. Cabbage Man

    Cabbage Man

    Prieš 5 val

    Could you somehow breath it?

  55. Roderick Ngonyoku

    Roderick Ngonyoku

    Prieš 5 val

    what if you drank the air

  56. Brenda Mills

    Brenda Mills

    Prieš 5 val


  57. Connor Wilkes-Ryan

    Connor Wilkes-Ryan

    Prieš 5 val

    I’m no where near smart enough for this but Could this not be left to cool or revert into a safe drinkable state ?? -gets shot by CIA sniper trough the window-

  58. I don't animate.

    I don't animate.

    Prieš 6 val

    Cool! Now drink it

  59. Lukas Prien

    Lukas Prien

    Prieš 6 val

    Nice. I want that

  60. Speed Striker

    Speed Striker

    Prieš 6 val

    drink it

  61. Ethan Lammar

    Ethan Lammar

    Prieš 6 val

    Drink it

  62. Ya like jazz?

    Ya like jazz?

    Prieš 6 val

    "Liquid air" **visible confusion**

  63. crimzen1o1


    Prieš 6 val

    I want one tell me all the part I need to and how to make one

  64. Divided We Fall

    Divided We Fall

    Prieš 6 val

    So that happens to our bodies in space w/o a suit, but almost instantly?

  65. John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    Prieš 6 val

    The forbidden slushy

  66. Ultra


    Prieš 6 val

    "Liquid air" Water: *mhm yes carry on*

  67. maximus soto

    maximus soto

    Prieš 6 val

    wait so....... boiled water??.?

  68. Jj The 13Th

    Jj The 13Th

    Prieš 6 val

    This dude found a way to make air drinkable (in the sense that it's a liquid. I don't think it's drinkable) meanwhile dumb TikTokers think snow is fake

  69. Just Logic

    Just Logic

    Prieš 6 val

    Okay but can you drink it?

  70. Bount313


    Prieš 7 val

    So this is how liquid nitrogen is made

  71. SiSiSiUSA


    Prieš 7 val

    Its not called liquid air. It's called condensation. You can also get it from a condensation machine or an AC unit.

  72. Cavan Rigdon

    Cavan Rigdon

    Prieš 7 val

    Everyone amazed by liquid air me wondering what would happen if you turned the dial all the way

  73. Mr. Vince

    Mr. Vince

    Prieš 7 val

    That's cool (no pun intended) and all, but does it taste good

  74. Ronald


    Prieš 7 val

    I love chemistry but my brain doesn't even allow it

  75. joveaaron


    Prieš 7 val

    Call Linus. He's gonna get at least 12GHz out of that. Seriously.

  76. Ginger Cheesecake

    Ginger Cheesecake

    Prieš 7 val

    Drink it

  77. Jordan Cutler

    Jordan Cutler

    Prieš 7 val

    Can you drink it

  78. Gage Jackson

    Gage Jackson

    Prieš 7 val

    The real question is what would happen if you drink it.

  79. we're *nothing* but you want *nothing*

    we're *nothing* but you want *nothing*

    Prieš 7 val

    The first I thought of when I heard cryo cooler was "Bucky" and I'm sorry

  80. Jorge Orellana

    Jorge Orellana

    Prieš 7 val

    Its safe to drink that water?

    • Diego Galán Sarabia

      Diego Galán Sarabia

      Prieš 7 val

      No 😂

  81. pinkable 030

    pinkable 030

    Prieš 7 val

    Uhhhhh Uhhhh Uhhhhhhhh Wait wat?

  82. Timothy Manning

    Timothy Manning

    Prieš 7 val

    What happens if you drink/inject it?

  83. RJM


    Prieš 7 val

    It's liquid nitrogen not liquid air and it's mililiters not mils (which is 1/1000 of an inch)

  84. Christian Sharkey

    Christian Sharkey

    Prieš 8 val

    So don't breathe it? Or it's fine?

  85. PhobosTerrorPup


    Prieš 8 val

    Dammmnn look at the Leidenfrost effect on the table, its dat cold.

  86. Sławek Walczak

    Sławek Walczak

    Prieš 8 val

    What happens when you turn power dial more? Does it freeze air?

  87. Nathan B

    Nathan B

    Prieš 8 val

    Inhale it… for science

  88. Ace Scotland

    Ace Scotland

    Prieš 8 val

    Could you drink it

  89. fish fucker

    fish fucker

    Prieš 8 val

    what happens if you drink it

  90. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee

    Prieš 8 val

    What happens if yo drink it?

  91. Eyo, how’s your day been??

    Eyo, how’s your day been??

    Prieš 8 val

    Oooo, It's sizzling

  92. Siphous


    Prieš 8 val


  93. Piano Man

    Piano Man

    Prieš 8 val

    Other than the fact that it's super cold, would it be harmful to ingest?

  94. Neodin


    Prieš 8 val

    What if you tried bottling the liquid air

  95. Doub2e


    Prieš 8 val

    what if you drink it?

  96. moone the alien

    moone the alien

    Prieš 8 val

    Wait so could I breathe in the liquid and live? This is an important question

  97. Abhinay Limbu

    Abhinay Limbu

    Prieš 8 val


  98. Moisturized Yoda

    Moisturized Yoda

    Prieš 8 val


  99. CaptainIsPower - Twitch TV

    CaptainIsPower - Twitch TV

    Prieš 9 val

    cool, now *d r i n k i t*



    Prieš 9 val

    What does it taste like though?